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Are you grappling with the challenges of sourcing top-tier talent efficiently and seamlessly? In recent years, the rise of AI-powered recruitment platforms has significantly transformed how organizations identify and onboard talented individuals. One such platform that has been making waves in the industry is, a comprehensive AI recruitment tool. In the following Turing Review, I will explore whether this AI Recruitment Tool is worth it.  Find out whether this tool can save you time and money, source better candidates and provide value for money.

Who am I, and why should you trust my reviews?

My name is Brian Vander Waal, and I have invested more than 17 years in providing advice and consulting on employment and HR-related issues. I have spent many hours evaluating the below platform. Based on my expertise and research, I will advise you on whether Turing may be a good option for your company or organisation. Review – What is Turing and How Does It Work?

Turing is a specialist AI recruitment platform purposefully designed to assist recruiters in sourcing top-tier remote engineers, software engineers, and tech leads.  In particular, they help recruiting teams source candidates specializing in AI, cloud, and application engineering services. 

This platform connects companies with top-tier remote developers from around the world. Turing leverages advanced algorithms and vetting procedures to match businesses with highly skilled software engineers who can seamlessly integrate into their teams.

You can also seamlessly streamline your talent acquisition process within Turing’s Talent Cloud platform. It ensures effective matches with thoroughly vetted remote developers.

Further, Turing’s user-friendly platform can quickly match clients with the right developer for you to provide solutions for complex business problems. Whether you need individual talent, dedicated teams, or comprehensive technology services, Turing’s platform can assist you. It offers an array of tools, such as:

  • AI chatbots
  • Candidate sourcing services
  • Automated scheduling interviews
  • And more

These AI Recruitment tools make it easier for them to find qualified candidates quickly.

Overview of Turing’s Vetting Process

At the core of Turing’s offering is its rigorous vetting process, which assesses developers based on their skills and experience. This comprehensive assessment guarantees that only the most skilled and qualified individuals are recommended to companies, preserving valuable time and resources during the hiring procedure.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers through Turing

One notable benefit of utilizing Turing is the capability to tap into a diverse pool of remote developers, allowing companies to overcome geographical barriers and tap into global talent. Additionally, the platform offers communication tools that facilitate seamless liaison between teams, irrespective of their geographical location.

Understanding the Algorithm behind Turing’s Developer Vetting

Turing’s algorithm evaluates developers based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including their technical acumen, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. Moreover, by leveraging AI, the platform ensures a data-driven and unbiased approach to identifying top talent.

Watch the video below to see how Turing works.

Turing - Hire the Best Remote Software Engineers

Turing Review – Key Features

Global Talent Sourcing

  • Turing’s Talent Cloud platform employs global sourcing strategies, ensuring a diverse pool of candidates.
  • Intelligent vetting processes also enhance candidate quality and relevance.

Intelligent Matching and Automated Quality Control

  • Turing utilizes extensive matching algorithms to connect businesses with candidates that best fit their requirements.
  • It also implements automated on-the-job quality control for consistently high-quality work.
  • Further, Turing ensures optimal experiences for both businesses and freelancers through precision matching and quality control.

Payment Compliance

  • ensures payment compliance within the platform to facilitate seamless and secure financial transactions.
  • The platform also adheres to industry standards for fair compensation and financial transparency.

AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

  • Utilizes AI-driven tools to source potential candidates from various channels, including job boards, social media, and professional networks.
  • Enhances efficiency by automating the candidate sourcing process.

Talent Pipeline Management

  • Creates and maintains a talent pipeline by tracking comprehensive data related to each applicant.
  • Enables recruiters to easily identify and manage qualified candidates for current and future roles.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  • Provides a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for streamlined recruitment processes.
  • Enables recruiters to track applicants throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle with ease.

Turing Review: What I like

  • Turing has access to more than 2 Million developers from 150 countries, covering 15+ job types, 100+ Technologies, and 7+ Seniority levels
  • 100% risk-free two-week trial
  • Fills roles fast: It takes only 4 days to fill most roles, and some roles are filled on the same day!
  • Saves time: 50+ hours of team time is saved per developer on interviewing!
  • Excellent retention rate: They have a 97% engagement success rate.
  • Automate mundane tasks like scheduling interviews or sending out emails so recruiters can focus on finding quality candidates.
  • Reduces manual errors while improving efficiency and accuracy during the recruitment process.
  • Provides detailed reports about candidate activity and performance so that you can make informed decisions when hiring new employees or managing existing ones.

Turing Review: What I dislike

  • While Turing provides good value for money, they do not have a clear pricing structure, as the price depends on your specific needs. You must go through the hiring process to get a clearer estimate.
  • Those with little or no prior knowledge about Artificial Intelligence may initially find the platform difficult to get accustomed to. Review: Is Turing the Best Platform for Hiring Software Engineers?

As you evaluate AI recruitment tools, it’s essential to compare’s offerings with other alternatives in the market. Whether Turing is the best choice for hiring software engineers depends on various factors, including the needs of the company and the quality of developers available on the platform.

Comparing Turing with Other AI Recruitment Tools

While Turing has its strengths (as highlighted above), it’s important for companies to explore the best ai recruitment tools before making a decision. Upwork, for example, is a prominent cloud-based jobs platform catering to freelance software developers. Assessing the unique features of each platform is crucial in determining the best fit for a company’s hiring requirements.

Turing Customer Reviews

Understanding the experiences of companies and hiring managers who have used can provide valuable insights into its effectiveness. Turing Customer reviews highlight the platform’s strengths and areas for improvement, offering a comprehensive perspective for those considering its services. You can find reviews from companies and HR managers using Turing on their own website and on Trustpilot, where the company is rated as “great” (3.9 out of 5).  However, most of the reviews on the Trustpilot site are from the developers who have sourced work through rather than the companies hiring talent.

FAQs about Using Turing for Hiring

Reading the responses to frequently asked questions about Turing’s recruitment platform can help companies gain clarity on various aspects, such as the vetting procedures, trial periods, and the process of working with remote developers hired through the platform.

How Does Turing’s AI Recruitment Tool Benefit Startups and HR?

Startups and HR departments often face unique challenges when it comes to hiring, making it crucial to assess how Turing’s AI recruitment tool can address these specific needs. The platform offers several benefits tailored to these contexts, from streamlining the recruitment process to providing access to top talent.

Effectiveness of Turing’s Vetting Process for Startup Companies

For startups, hiring the right talent is paramount to their success. Turing’s vetting process can be particularly effective for these companies, enabling them to access high-caliber developers without needing extensive resources typically associated with traditional hiring processes.

How Turing Streamlines the Recruitment Process for Startups

By offering a streamlined process for hiring and onboarding remote developers, Turing significantly reduces the time and effort required for startups to build their technical teams. This efficiency can be pivotal in enabling startups to focus on their core business activities without being bogged down by extensive recruitment procedures.

HR and Hiring Managers’ Perspective on Using Turing to Recruit Developers

Hearing directly from HR professionals and hiring managers who have engaged with Turing can provide valuable insights into the platform’s impact on talent acquisition. Their experiences and feedback can shed light on the platform’s ability to address the specific needs of HR departments within organizations. The reviews I read on Trust Radius, Quora and G2 were generally quite positive. However, a couple of reviewers with companies based in the United States said Turing struggled to source developers for their company who were based in the USA.

Understanding the Impact of Turing on Remote Software Developers

Turing’s positive influence extends beyond the companies that utilize its services to the remote software developers who work through the platform. Understanding this impact is crucial in assessing both the effectiveness and ethical considerations of leveraging AI-driven recruitment tools.

Turing’s Role in Empowering Remote Work for Software Developers

For remote software developers, Turing plays a critical role in providing access to long-term projects and time-tracking mechanisms that ensure fair compensation for their contributions. As a result, developers are empowered to pursue careers on their terms, irrespective of geographical constraints.

Benefits of Long-term Projects and Time-tracking with Turing

The platform’s focus on long-term projects and fair time-tracking practices instils stability and professional growth opportunities for remote developers. This approach contributes to a more sustainable and rewarding freelance experience, positively impacting the overall remote work landscape.

How Turing’s Algorithm Sets the Platform Apart for Coding Jobs

Turing’s algorithmic approach to matching developers with coding jobs ensures a precise and efficient alignment of skills and project requirements. This personalized matching capability enhances the overall experience for both developers and companies, setting the platform apart in the competitive landscape of AI-powered recruitment services.

Turing Review: Is the Top Choice for AI Recruitment in 2024?

When considering whether is the top AI recruitment tool in 2024, you must evaluate various factors, such as its competitive landscape, unique value propositions, and market positioning. This will help you determine whether it is your top choice. I believe Turing is the best AI Recruitment Tool in 2024 for Sourcing Developers.

Turing Alternatives: Comparing Turing Other Cloud-based Jobs Platform

While Turing may offer distinct advantages, direct comparisons with platforms like Upwork and other cloud-based jobs platforms can provide a comprehensive understanding of its positioning versus the competition. It is important to consider alternatives before making the final decision regarding whether Turing is best for your company. Assessing factors such as developer quality, hiring processes, and client experiences can offer valuable insights into the platform’s comparative strengths.

Assessing the Uniqueness of Turing’s AI Recruitment Process

Turing’s AI recruitment process is unique in its ability to:

  • Leverage advanced algorithms
  • Foster long-term relationships between companies and developers
  • Provide a seamless remote working experience.

Understanding these unique aspects is essential in evaluating whether Turing is the top choice among AI recruitment platforms.

Conclusion: Turing Review 2024. Is this AI Recruitment Tool Worth It?

My Turing Review has explored the key features of Turing, what I like, what I dislike, key issues you should think about when you are considering and alternatives. You should now be better positioned to decide whether this tool is right for your company or organisation.

I believe revolutionizes hiring with its advanced AI, swiftly connecting companies to top global developers. The user-friendly platform, rigorous vetting, and efficient tools streamline talent acquisition whilst saving time and reducing errors.

Further, Turing’s commitment to global talent, intelligent matching, and a 97% engagement success rate showcase its effectiveness. The platform’s value is clear, especially for AI, cloud, and application engineering services.

In the evolving world of AI recruitment tools, stands out as a top choice. To experience its transformative impact, take advantage of the 100% risk-free two-week trial.

Try Turing today to elevate your recruitment process, save time, and connect with exceptional talent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Turing Review 2024

Can Turing Provide Software Engineering Teams?

Yes, Turing can provide software engineering teams. The platform specializes in sourcing top-tier remote engineers, software developers, and tech leads. Whether you need individual talent, dedicated teams, or comprehensive technology services, Turing’s Talent Cloud platform can assist you in building the software engineering team that suits your specific needs. Turing also ensures effective matches with thoroughly vetted remote developers by leveraging advanced algorithms and vetting procedures. As a result, the platform offers a seamless experience for businesses looking to assemble high-performing software engineering teams.

Can you hire multiple developers?

Turing allows you to hire multiple developers according to your specific requirements. Whether you’re scaling up your team or working on multiple projects simultaneously, Turing’s platform is designed to facilitate hiring multiple developers. More specifically, Turing provides access to a diverse pool of talent from over 150 countries and various job types and seniority levels. As a result, you can efficiently build and manage a team of developers to meet your business needs. Moreover, the platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced matching algorithms make hiring and collaborating with multiple developers seamless, ensuring flexibility and scalability for your projects. 

How fast can you hire developers through Turing?

Hiring developers through Turing is exceptionally fast. In fact, most roles are filled within just 4 days, and some are even filled on the same day! Turing accelerates hiring by leveraging advanced algorithms and a vast pool of pre-vetted developers. As a result, you can access top-tier talent swiftly.

Further, this efficiency saves you time and ensures that you can build your development team promptly, meeting your project timelines and business needs. Experience the speed of talent acquisition with Turing – transform your team in record time!

Is Turing the best platform for hiring software engineers?

Turing is recognized as one of the top platforms for connecting companies with highly skilled software engineers, especially those based in Silicon Valley. The platform has further gained a reputation for providing access to the top 1% of developers.

Does Turing offer a free trial?

Yes, Turing offers a two-week trial for companies to find and hire software engineers through the platform. This allows potential users to experience the benefits and features before making a commitment.

Who are the key figures behind Turing?

Turing was co-founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, bringing their extensive experience in software development and AI to create an innovative framework for connecting companies with top-tier developers.

What is the Turing Virtual Machine?

The Turing Virtual Machine is a specialized environment provided by Turing that enables companies to work seamlessly with remote developers, ensuring both secure and efficient collaboration.

How does customer support work with Turing?

Turing provides dedicated customer support to assist companies and developers with their queries and specific needs. Further, the customer support team is available to address any issues or questions that you may have.

Can companies find developers with specific skills through Turing?

Yes, companies using Turing can specify the exact skills and qualifications they are looking for in a developer, enabling them to connect with suitable candidates from around the world.

What type of companies typically use Turing for recruitment?

Turing caters to a wide range of companies, including startups and Fortune 500 companies, providing access to highly skilled developers for various software development projects. For example, Pepsi, Dell, Reddit, Volvo and Disney use Turing for recruitment.

How does the hiring process through Turing work?

Companies looking to hire a developer through Turing can submit a bid for the project, and the platform will connect them with suitable candidates. Once hired, developers work 40 hours a week and are managed through Turing’s platform, including payroll.

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