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Hi, I am Brian! Here is how I can help you!

My blog will help you to:

  • Successfully navigate the application process and secure the job of your dreams
  • Choose the best software, apps and AI tools and learn how to use them effectively in your job search.
  • Understand how to handle various employment issues in a way that will help you to have a positive experience at work and advance your career.
  • Choose the right career for you based on your skills, interests, life experiences, values, goals, and current labor market information.
  • Select the best course, qualification, degree, or training program which will make you more appealing to employers, support you to get into the jobs of the future, and ensure you achieve the required professional certification, trade certification, or professional designation.
  • Upskill, advance in your career and achieve your goals 
  • Learn how to effectively choose and utilise software, apps, and AI tools in recruitment and talent management processes. I teach organisations how to harness the power of AI to optimise their hiring strategies, enhance employee engagement, and foster a culture of continuous learning and development.

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