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Welcome to my HireEZ Review – where I dissect the ins and outs of the most innovative AI sourcing tool in recruitment technology! HireEZ is making waves in the business world, offering unique features that streamline and revolutionize recruitment. In this HireEZ Review, I will:

  • Discuss what HireEZ is and how it’s transforming the hiring landscape.
  • Explore the key features of HireEZ and my honest assessment of likes and dislikes about the platform.
  • Explain why HireEZ should be every recruiter’s go-to tool and how to optimize it for recruitment outreach.
  • Take you through the latest updates.
  • Illustrate how HireEZ aids in sourcing qualified candidates, making your recruitment process more efficient and effective.

In this comprehensive HireEZ review, prepare for a deep dive into HireEZ, an AI sourcing tool setting new recruitment automation standards.

Watch the video below to learn more about hireEZ’s comprehensive outbound recruiting platform.

hireEZ - A Comprehensive Outbound Recruiting Platform

Who am I, and why should you trust my reviews?

My name is Brian Vander Waal, and I have spent more than 17 years providing advice and consulting on employment and HR-related issues. I have spent many hours evaluating the platform below. Based on my expertise and research, I will advise you on whether HireEZ may be a good option for your company or organisation.

What is HireEZ (formally Hiretual) and How Does it Work?

Formerly known as Hiretual, HireEZ is an AI Recruitment tool that offers an intuitive platform for recruiters to quickly find qualified candidates best suited for their open positions. It is an advanced AI sourcing solution that empowers recruiters to efficiently source, engage, and hire top talent. Its AI-powered features enable recruiters to sift through vast pools of candidate profiles precisely and accurately, saving valuable time and effort in the recruitment process. Overall, their comprehensive hiring platform simplifies the recruitment process for employers.

AI Sourcing Tool Overview

Firstly, at the core of HireEZ is its cutting-edge AI technology that enables recruiters to automate and optimize their talent-sourcing process. By using AI, recruiters can access an extensive database of candidate profiles, contact information, and relevant details, making it a potent sourcing tool in the fast-paced recruitment landscape.

User Interface

Secondly, it provides an intuitive user interface, allowing companies to:

  • Quickly post job openings.
  • Source and screen candidates
  • Conduct interviews
  • And make offers.

Outbound Recruiting Platform

Thirdly, HireEZ’s end-to-end Outbound Recruiting Platform helps you to efficiently find, connect with, and build relationships with top-tier candidates. Further, their system seamlessly integrates with your enterprise tech stack, providing a consolidated and streamlined approach to your hiring process.

The result is a smarter, more efficient recruitment approach, conserving both time and resources while delivering the best talent to your team. So you can say goodbye to tedious recruiting tasks and hello to your dream team!

ATS Integration

Finally, HireEZ seamlessly integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for recruiters. As a result, recruiters can seamlessly manage candidate profiles, communications, and hiring workflows within a single platform.

HireEZ Review: Key Features

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HireEz’s sourcing platform has many features that effectively and easily help you find top candidates in a short amount of time.  Its recruiting software is a powerful tool with the following features: 

Automated Recruitment Process

  • Automated background checks, online assessments, and onboarding simplify the hiring workflow.
  • As a result, employers can rapidly identify suitable applicants without extensive resume perusal or lengthy phone conversations, making the recruitment process easier.

Smart Candidate Matching

  • Capable of rapidly linking job postings with the ideal candidates based on their qualifications and background.
  • Job Seekers receive instant alerts for job openings that match their qualifications and preferences.

Efficient Screening

  • Users can easily filter out unsuitable applicants using keywords or other specified criteria during the screening process.
  • Search across 800M+ candidate profiles with an 87% contact-finding rate, ensuring efficient talent identification.

Diverse Talent Sources

  • Access candidates from 45+ open web platforms, achieving an 80% qualification rate.
  • Integration with 30+ ATS for a seamless workflow in the recruitment process.

Programming Talent Expertise

  • Specializes in sourcing talent proficient in over 290 programming languages.
  • Strengthens the capacity to discover and engage candidates possessing particular programming skills.

HireEZ Review: What I like

  • HireEZ’s filters save the user time by ensuring it considers only relevant applications before advancing them further down the pipeline toward the hireability assessment stage.
  • A simplified experience, lowering the expenses associated with conventional recruiting procedures.
  • Access to a wide range of applicant data, such as resumes, references, and test scores, allows employers to decide who to interview and eventually hire into their organization.
  • All collected information is kept secure, thus minimizing any risks related to potential breaches in security protocols caused by manual processes involving paper documentation/files shared between departments or externally amongst third parties involved in hiring activities (e.g., Recruitment Agencies).

HireEZ Review: What I dislike

  • If an organisation’s IT infrastructure is unsuitable, potential incompatibilities between specific versions and operating systems could prevent them from utilizing this solution.

Why Should Recruiters Use HireEZ?

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Recruiters should consider using HireEZ for several compelling reasons.

Effective Talent Sourcing

Firstly, HireEZ’s AI recruitment software offers an effective talent-sourcing capability, enabling recruiters to identify and engage with diverse candidates. More specifically, it has accurate and efficient tools to source top talent, providing recruiters with a competitive edge in identifying relevant candidates.

Automation and Workflow

Secondly, the automation and workflow features integrated into HireEZ simplify the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to concentrate on fostering meaningful relationships with prospective candidates. The automation capabilities of HireEZ reduce manual intervention, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify the recruitment workflow, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

Diversity Sourcing

Thirdly, HireEZ’s focus on diversity sourcing aligns with the evolving needs of organizations to build inclusive and diverse teams. It helps recruiters build diverse candidate pipelines, ensuring a more representative hiring process.

How to Use HireEZ for Recruitment Outreach?

The utilization of HireEZ for recruitment outreach is a strategic advantage for recruiters.

Utilizing the HireEZ Chrome Extension

Firstly, the HireEZ Chrome extension allows recruiters to seamlessly navigate candidate profiles on various platforms, including LinkedIn, thereby enhancing outreach possibilities. It offers recruiters ease of use and efficiency in sourcing and engaging potential candidates across various platforms, including LinkedIn and Github.

Contacting Candidates on LinkedIn

Secondly, with HireEZ, recruiters can readily access candidate profiles on LinkedIn, empowering them to initiate meaningful conversations and outreach efforts.

Email Campaigns and Templates

Thirdly, HireEZ enables recruiters to simplify candidate communication through email campaigns and templates, optimizing their engagement efforts effectively. For example, their email campaign and template features allow recruiters to set up email campaigns which automate and personalize their outreach to potential candidates.

How Does HireEZ Help in Finding Qualified Candidates?

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HireEZ’s advanced capabilities equip recruiters with the tools to identify qualified candidates effectively.

Boolean Search and Filtering

Firstly, HireEZ’s Boolean search and filtering capabilities enable hiring teams to filter and refine their candidate searches precisely, ensuring they find the most relevant candidates for their roles.

Open Web Sourcing

Secondly, its open web-sourcing feature allows recruiters to broaden their candidate search beyond traditional platforms and databases, tapping into a broader range of potential candidates.

Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition

Thirdly, HireEZ’s integration of machine learning in the talent acquisition process enhances recruiters’ ability to pinpoint, interact with, and onboard the most skilled candidates for specific roles.

What Are the New Features in HireEZ 2024?

In its 2024 version, HireEZ introduced new features that further improved its capabilities.

Enhancements in AI Search

Firstly, the 2024 version of HireEZ offers improved AI search functionalities, enhancing recruiters’ ability to identify and engage with relevant candidates effectively. As a result, recruiters can refine their candidate search with greater precision.

Outbound Recruiting with HireEZ

Secondly, HireEZ’s outbound recruiting features provide a quicker way to find passive candidates and contact them, expanding their talent pool and engagement possibilities. As a result, recruiters can engage with potential candidates proactively.

Security and Data Privacy

Thirdly, security and data privacy remain crucial priorities in HireEZ 2024, ensuring recruiters can trust the platform with their sensitive candidate data. As a result, recruiters have confidence in a secure platform for their talent acquisition efforts.

Plans and Pricing

HireEZ provides a pay-per-user pricing model. Companies are charged based on the number of individuals accessing the software. The pricing packages offered by HireEZ vary in terms of features and limitations based on the selected payment amount.

The prices range from FREE to $199 per user per month or more. The Enterprise Plan may cost more and will be tailored to your recruiting needs.

HireEZ also offers a free trial.

All packages come with:

1. A 24/7 customer support team at hand ready to assist with troubleshooting any issues that may arise while using the service

2. Detailed reporting metrics:

  • To help measure Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Improve future campaigns for further optimisation of workflow efficiency going forward.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your hiring process. Click the button below to explore HireEZ’s plans and pricing and embark on a journey towards effortless talent acquisition.

Conclusion: HireEZ Review

Amidst the plethora of AI recruitment tools available in the market, HireEZ stands out as an AI sourcing tool that has garnered attention for its efficiency and effectiveness. With its advanced AI-driven platform, HireEZ revolutionizes recruitment by providing hiring teams with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in talent sourcing. From its user-friendly interface to extensive outbound recruiting features, HireEZ offers a smooth experience that empowers recruiters to build their dream teams effortlessly.

HireEZ’s key features, such as automated recruitment processes, smart candidate matching, and diverse talent sources, make it the go-to tool for recruiters seeking top-tier talent. Its commitment to security, data privacy, and continuous improvement ensures that recruiters can also trust the platform for their most critical hiring needs.

So why wait? Experience the transformative power of HireEZ for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, HireEZ is your partner in building exceptional teams that drive success. Try HireEZ now and elevate your recruitment strategy to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – HireEZ Review

How can HireEZ help me find people with specific qualifications, such as security clearance?

HireEZ is an AI sourcing tool that makes looking for candidates with specific qualifications a breeze. Its machine-learning algorithms can sift through many online profiles to find the right people for your needs, including those with required security clearances. It also connects directly with platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter for increased efficiency.

How can HireEZ assist in acquiring contact information, like email addresses and phone numbers?

HireEZ offers advanced technology for acquiring contact details. It scans various platforms and databases to retrieve potential candidates’ email addresses and phone numbers.
HireEZ also uses AI and machine learning to ensure the contact information it collects is the most accurate, including verifying email addresses and phone numbers from multiple sources.

Please note that the quality of the information depends on the public availability of these details.

How do hiring teams utilize HireEZ to enhance recruitment and sourcing of top talent?

Hiring teams use HireEZ as a central recruiting tool to source candidates in a competitive talent market. It provides a platform to find top-notch talent, create an efficient outbound sourcing strategy, and save time in recruitment. It also empowers teams to make the best hiring decisions based on holistic candidate profiles.

Is HireEZ useful in gathering LinkedIn contact information?

Yes, HireEZ works effectively with LinkedIn Recruiter to effortlessly acquire potential candidates’ contact information. This further increases the efficiency of your talent-sourcing strategy.

Is it easy to implement HireEZ as the platform for talent acquisition?

By all accounts, HireEZ implementation is straightforward thus far. Many of my clients have decided to implement HireEZ as their primary talent-sourcing platform with minimal difficulties.

How much of a time saver is HireEZ?

HireEZ is a significant time saver. Its AI-driven sourcing tool dramatically reduces the time spent manually finding candidates and helps recruiters focus on engaging with potential hires instead.

What does HireEZ offer that other sourcing tools don’t?

HireEZ stands out by offering AI-powered solutions for effectively sourcing talent. Unlike many different sourcing tools in the market, HireEZ has a robust algorithm that can pinpoint the right candidates quickly and accurately. Moreover, it is a practical solution for sourcing candidates for operations-oriented to executive-level positions.

How often is HireEZ’s contact information updated?

Achieving the most accurate and up-to-date contact information is a priority for HireEZ. The system refreshes the contact data often, but the frequency can depend on the platform from which the data is sourced.

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