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Why Nursing
Why Nursing

Why Nursing?

Most people probably don’t think of Nursing as a futuristic career or a career of the future, but if you want to future-proof your career, then pursuing a career as a Nurse could be a good choice.  People will always have health and medical needs.  Also, as the population ages and lives longer, the demand will only increase.  Also, according to RN.com, ‘9 out of 10 are satisfied with their career choice.’ So this is why nursing could be a good career choice for you. However, read on to find out whether nursing matches your skills, qualities, interests and values.

Registered Nurse (RN)

Average salary: $82,000

Registered nurses (RNs) already account for the largest number of healthcare workers, and it is very likely that RNs will continue to be in high demand for many decades.  The need for registered nurses will continue as technology advances and changes.

Registered nurses are well paid with an average salary of $82,000.

If you want to be an RN, you should enjoy interacting with people, providing patient care, administering medicine, performing diagnostic tasks, teaching people how to manage injury and illness and providing emotional support for patients and families.  Some nurses are even responsible for assisting with surgeries, monitoring vital signs, updating medical records and monitoring equipment.

RNs work in hospitals, emergency rooms, paediatrics, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, oncology, nursing care facilities, schools, and even in people’s homes. 

If you want to get into a career as an RN, you need either a Bachelor of Science in nursing, an associate degree in nursing or another accredited diploma from a nursing program. You then need to pass a licensing exam before you can start working and seeing patients.

Nurse Practitioner

Average salary:  $115,500

Nurse practitioner (NP) is one of my top picks for best future careers because currently, it is the second fastest-growing job in the US.  The projected growth is stunning. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of nurse practitioners is projected to grow by a whopping 52.2% between 2020 and 2030.  Like Registered Nurses (RNs), this is also a future-proof career because as doctor shortages increase, they will be needed to take on some of the doctors’ roles.  People will always have health and medical needs.  Also, as the population ages and lives longer, the demand will only increase.  It is very likely that NPs will continue to be in high demand for many decades.  The need for nurse practitioners will continue as technology advances and changes.

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with advanced training in primary care services and more authority than a registered nurse (RN). They not only assist doctors, but also carry out many of a doctor’s roles themselves.

NPs are high paid, with an average salary of $115,500.

A Nurse Practitioner’s role includes assessing patient needs, ordering x-rays, ordering and interpreting diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnosing illnesses, diagnose disease, prescribing treatment plans, prescribing drugs and managing a patient’s care.  An NP’s role primarily focuses on dealing with illness, managing chronic illnesses, illness prevention and health promotion.

NPs work in hospitals, urgent care centers, clinics, doctor offices, nursing homes, schools, universities, public health departments and private practices.

If you want to move into a career as a Nurse Practitioner, you must have experience in the field as a licensed RN, have a master’s degree or higher and to become licensed.

Why Nursing? Nursing job demand is high and is high paying, so it is an excellent career to consider for 2022 and for many years into the future. Based on my professional expertise in careers, employment, learning and skills and extraction of solid research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics I have been able to extract and summarize key information for you to help you to learn more about nursing. I hope this blog helped you to discover and explore nursing as a potential career choice. To learn more and see all my recommendations for Best Future Careers, read my blog article now!

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